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About Us

The HIV Viral Load Blog is written by the employees of Cavidi. It is intended for HIV healthcare professionals, policy makers and concerned citizens around the world.

Measuring an individual’s HIV viral load provides healthcare professionals with an accurate picture of viral activity. This is a powerful tool in fighting the HIV pandemic for three reasons: 


  1. It helps doctors manage HIV better, thus increasing patients’ length and quality of life.
  2. It makes the limited supply of anti-retroviral (ARV) drugs go further since viral load is the most accurate way to determine when ARV treatment should start and stop.
  3. It stems the spread of ARV resistance by detecting treatment failure early – before drug resistance can develop.


Despite these benefits, viral load is not routinely monitored in the developing world, particularly in rural settings. We hope this blog serves as a platform to increase awareness and share information about the need to make viral load monitoring more accessible to everyone who needs it.

We encourage you to support this effort by contributing your comments to this blog and sharing it with friends and colleagues. If you would like to contact us directly, fill in the contact form here.